Saturday, February 23, 2013

Good Bye to Letter of the Week

letter of the week

Holidays are finally over and as we start to get into more of a routine for schooling it's time to say good bye to letter of the week for George.  It's just to simple for him and he needs more of a challenge right now.

Letter of the week will be back sometime this year as Grace is almost ready for it.  To be honest if Grace has her way she'll be doing everything George is, and isn't to happy about having to wait. While she is ready for some of the activities I need a bit more energy before I can devote the time needed to get the activities ready for her each week. 

Now that George is getting closer to 6 I'm aiming to be more focused this year, and try to get into a routine before baby arrives so the transition from schooling with a pregnant mum to a schooling with a new born around is as easy as possible (yeah right, I can dream right)

My goal with this blog is to keep a weekly record of George and Graces work as well as anything else that takes my fancy. 

Baby on Board

Baby botties with flower buttons

It's official, we're expecting!!!

No, we do not know the gender and we're not going to until bubs arrives. 

We're expecting to have our baby by August.

We're planning our second home water birth and can't wait.

photo credit monnibo on flickr