Friday, April 27, 2012

My poor neglected blog

Life has been busy, so busy that some things had to give... and this blog was one of them.

I work from home, doing home base childcare and I love it!  I went from having no care kids and now have nine children enrolled with me, I don't have all of these children at once as legally I can only have four children five years old or under including my own.  With all these kids I'm running all over the place, also George has playmates every day so finding time to do some schooling with him has been hard.

Grace has decided to stop having afternoon naps.  I don't know if this will be it for naps for her, as she does sleep once a week but this has really put me out, no longer do I get one on one time with George while she sleeps (and before I pick up my care kids from school and kindy)  I struggle to get house work done, and no longer get any down time for myself during the day.  I know this has affected my mood and I've got less patients for my children these days.  I have also started snapping at my kids which I hate.

This might sound strange but I think I need to morn to loss of nap times, or maybe that is what I've been doing, then I can get on with my life and work out a new routine, one which I can celebrate not being tied to the house every afternoon for Grace to sleep.

This weekend I'm going to re-organise all my homeschooling stuff and start afresh with George.